Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Pitts

Couch-sleeping weekend with the Prog Lady.

Sunny nature (not mine of course). Look at the gigantic web! It was somehow spared annihilation by roving cats. My sinuses were not.

Dang, Steve.

No trip to anywhere is complete without checking out the anarchist bookstore. the big idea's zine collection made me miss the bus. I enjoyed each of these:
Class Project, edited by Susan Ledgerwood: Found pictures with captions by various folks. this is always something I enjoy. Too bad the content can only be as good as the submissions the editor gets.
Skeleton Balls by Nils Balls: psychedelic comics, bitching about the state of things. Nothing really new here, but the art was compelling. I especially liked the anthropomorphic utensils.
Sugar Needle #32 by Phlox Icona & Corina Fastwolf: Candies from all over the world are tasted and teased by the above ladies and their friends. I got it for the interview with Dishwasher Pete, my zine crush forever. I wonder if I still have those notes from him somewhere.
Ker-Bloom! 66 by Artnoose: One of many issues of this pretty little handset zine. I wanted to see if my experience with all Aarons being assholes was upheld by "The Aaron Issue." Too bad the stories about him were so vague. I wanted to see this Aaron not read one sentence anecdotes about him! Oh well.

I miss you already, Prog Lady.


Amanda said...

This is your friend who moved away from NYC, right? So exciting you got to have a visit. Plus, graphic novels and an alien cat...a well-rounded trip, indeed.

Carrie said...

Yes, TPL was one of 3 friends gone away this summer. It is lonely for me, but great for them.

And, "graphic novels?" No way! These are zines. I didn't touch a graphic novel the whole time I was there, I swear!

Amanda said...

Pardon me...I am a bit of a duh when it comes to distinguishing between genres...heh

: )

looka said...

hey hey
The second picture=great!

I want to listen to the show, will do that today. Can't wait!
We have our roving cat back, he's found a fancy in sweets. The unwrapping is still a bit of a problem.