Monday, October 27, 2008

not dead!

Just busy.

Sorry to leave you all staring at my disapproving face, but my head is stuffed with math and html code and spreadsheet columns and other pressing, but unbooky, stuff.

Some things I have been doing:
1) Studying for the GRE
2) Trying to launch a website at work
3) Getting a PO Box
4) Writing some stuff for [redacted] which will be up soon. When everything is ready for my newest venture, I'll send you [redacted]'s way.
5) Discovering that scientists that study the medical sphere are, on the whole, freaky looking. However, immunologists are the exception to the rule.
6) Reading Frankenstein. Well, that is book-related, but a lady must have a respite, no?


Amanda said...

Items 5 and 6 kinda back each other up, don't they?

: )

looka said...

"pressing but unbooky", yep, yep.
Reading is in your book-blood, even if your not at it!

Carrie said...

amanda: you'd think, except that dr. frankenstein is of the haunted, smoldering variety of genius. Rowr.

Looka: so true. it's going to be the death of me!