Monday, September 29, 2008

A dinner for 28

1) sangria with oranges, grapes and apples
2) Moxie
3) Bacon-wrapped prunes
4) Robbiola, goat gouda and tallegio
5) Bread, bread, bread
6) Bratwurst
7) Grilled cauliflower
8) Red beets, yellow beets
9) Potatoes n’ garlic
10) Grilled fennel
11) Grilled onion
12) Grilled mushrooms
13) Cherry pie
14) Fruit
15) Delicious sleep

Maybe we'll see you next year?


Amanda said...

RSVP for 2009:

Yes! Promise you will make cherry pie again?

Carrie said...

Ha ha. I didn't make the pie. Not talented enough for that.

But you should still come anyway.

Amanda said...

Deal. And my gift will be, I will make the is, in fact, something I hope becomes my specialty in the coming months. Perfect pastry is my winter goal.

looka said...

Hey! I missed the Moxie again, I always get stuck with the beers and sleep - I hadn't enough too!

Wait, it was fruity Sangria this time!

Carrie, it was real FUN, thank you for having us over!

Carrie said...

I loved having you Simon! An invigorating dash of Viennese is what every NYC party needs.

Thanks for the pictures too!

ctheokas said...

Wrapped in bacon is just about the only way I'd eat prunes. Of course, pretty much anything goes with bacon. The yellow beets and cherry pie - not to mention the sleep - sound fantastic (or, is it "read fantastic" in this case?)

Sara said...

Mmmmm! I'm so sorry I was away and missed it! Must vengeance-snack stat!

Amanda said...

hang on...what is this mysterious "moxie" of which you speak?

looka said...

It's a DRINK! The two import it boxwise.

I wonder, is this how B and C turn up the volume on their natural wit?

It would be like Asterix does!
Amanda, does this mean we meet next year on Miss TryHarders B-Day?