Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The long lost Prog Lady is back on the scene with a new radio program called No Pussyfooting out of East Village radio. As she says:

"It's mostly prog rock. Tune in if you're
interested! If you like the show, it'd be great if you could subscribe
to my podcast. To do so, you'll probably have to set up an account on
the station website (it's no big deal) then click on the podcast
button on my page. It'll give you a code for you to copy. If you use
itunes, go to "Advanced" then "subscribe to podcast" and just paste in
the code. OR you can just stream the show by clicking on "listen to
the most recent show." I hope that this makes sense. Please let your
friends know too!"

Go to it and let my favorite lady make your ears happy.

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