Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can I tell you about the joy of making stuff grow?
A little viola patch for B, planted around some newish clematis:

Some lady fern fronds:

A red begonia in my lonely hanging basket:

Some bleeding heart buds:

The first flowering vinca vine:

Mini-hyacinth village:

Gah! More reading stuff once I wash the dirt from my hands.


Amanda said...

I love your little Grape Hyacinthville! So cute. Keep some of the dirt beneath your fingernails--then, you can tell people, "See? I made things grow!"

I am hoping to lay some bedding plants this week...but last night it got chilly enough I pulled out the extra quilt so perhaps a little premature...

Amanda said...

I planted blue and orange and purple pansies last night! They look all leggy and unsettled since they were just wrenched from their plastic carrier and shoved into the ground...once they have established some roots and vitality, I will send you photos too!

ctheokas said...

I love the color. There's plenty of green in my neighborhood, but not a lot of anything else. It's nice to see.

Carrie said...

Thanks, Chris! B was feeling the same way which is why I put the violas in for him. Now, with the (not enough!) tulips in bloom and the other spring flowers in full force things are looking really good.