Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Linky Love

My new fave comics are by Kate Beaton.
My new fave writing about writing is by Tod Goldberg.
My new fave Italian restaurant is Il Melograno. Considering the number of well-dressed folks smoking outside and talking inside, actual Italians like it too. (Thanks nycnosh.)
My new fave blog about crazy animals is Zooillogix.

What are your new favorites?


Amanda of said...
New favourite place to wish was in my own city
New favourite source of smart-alek-ism
New favourite place to spend a day too cold to go outdoors
New favourite site for this 'n that

and finally:

go to Youtube and search for the video for M. Ward's song "Chinese
Translation"--animated and great and totally made my day when I found it...and have watched it dozens of times since...

Bleimanimal said...

Zooillogix's favorite new words of wisdom: "Like a barrel of monkeys without any tails... not so much fun, but they fit so much better."

- Andrew from Zooillogix

Sara said...

I discovered a new treatery the other day—it's called Blue Marble, it's on Atlantic, and they have really good ice cream (I tried the chocolate and the strawberry).