Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dark as night; the internet lives

Outside the sky is dark, yet I still have over an hour of work to go. I believe that this is only a result of having such a wonderful day yesterday.

After weeding the garden as thoroughly as my mild OCD required, I put on some ill-fitting shorts and began walking over to the big buildings as my love for lunch with B requires. As usual he was delayed so I took a detour to Bryant Square Park and who should I see but Amy Ambulette blinking in the sunshine with her boss. I tried to pretend that I was overexposed in the leg-al region and was perhaps on some secret businessy business, but this lasted mere nanoseconds before I possibly endangered Amy's financial welfare with various spoken emoticons and curses. Sorry, lady! clown hat smiley face!

After she went back to slave away in one of the area's towers of power, I went in search of a place to sit down and instead found the Bryant Park Reading Room, an outdoor area supplied with books for people too cool to bring their own props for across the bench romancing. I was apparently so charming that I nabbed a 50-something Slovenian man's attentions, but not before I looked at a giant book of Bresson photos, a SF journal from the 90s and marveled at how many NYBR titles they had. Though many of the volumes were suspiciously dirty, it was still a treat to be able to browse around while waiting to meet B. If I had known I was going to be there for upwards of three hours, I would have worn pants and brought my own book.

Still, on a day that promised to be not more than nice, I had a great time in a park that rivaled many of my times in the world's best park, Rittenhouse Square. I managed to not be overwhelmed by my terminal nostalgia and plan on spending many more sunny afternoons in the park.

After the rain stops, of course.

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