Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thanks for the thoughts I never would have on my own.

I have been very busy doing non-blog things. Mostly emailing and editing and emailing and pacing and emailing and drinking tea, but sometimes putting labels on things. I am in a tizzy.

In the midle of this tizzy of practicality, it is hard for me to express my thoughts about the death of Kurt Vonnegut. I will try soon. B was a little suprised that I ws upset when I heard the news; he was under the impression that I didn't really like Vonnegut's books. For me, "liking" his stuff... well. it is not that simple.

Though RIPs are a part of life, I am always sad to write those three letters again.

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Holy Prepuce said...

My friend's blogs that I checked today are 2 for 2 with Vonnegut laments. I guess it's not a surprise that I associate with people who found an affinity with Vonnegut. Hardly a week goes by when something does not remind me of a Kilgore Trout story. Like the one (I think from Breakfast of Champions) where they go to the planet that has no natural food left, only synthetic nutrients, and the inhabitants brag about how great their pornography is, so they all go downtown to the porn theater and the movies are about people eating. I could go on and on.