Friday, January 26, 2007

I think I managed to convince the temp agency people that I am not a stinky misanthrope with club hands and poor dental hygiene. Since that is what I planned to accomplish today, I feel at ease and ready to tackle the two writing projects I have to finish in the next few days. If anyone knows of jobs that aren't overly concerned with words per minute, drop me an email.

Distractingly, I am reading Half Life by Shelley Jackson. I am loving it, especially when she zooms in on detals of the characters lives, like partial lists of their bookshelves' contents and press releases from aggressive factions of the siamese twin subculture she has modeled on San Francisco gay culture. Was that a spoiler?

So far, I would recommend HL to anyone who is horny for details or just wants to read more fiction (Matt S, I am looking at you) because HL feels like truth so far.


moonlight ambulette said...

i have been eyeing this book for a while. and yes, i am horny for details! and, i love siamese twins.

these are my favorites right now:

there was a great special about them on tlc.

anyway, now i am suddenly dying to read this book!

Carrie said...

Yes, i saw a youtube clip of those twins that stuck in my brain before I started this book. Their chipperness felt very sinister to me, but I think that is because I often feel that happy faces in the face of hard, hard stuff are false or tragic.

I am happy I could arouse some interest in this book. I love it so far and more people should be reading it. I love how private it is, kind of like Gaitskill...

Moony, I htink you might like Dead Ringers, a film about identical twins who, how should I put this, feel that they are siamese. I love it.