Monday, November 20, 2006

Since Ms. Moonlight Ambulette demanded a new post, and my booky post isn’t done yet, here is a hodgepodge of mish mash in list form for the motley crew.

1) I love my own chili. I am empowered. I made a big batch of it last night, but the Whole Foods whole canned tomatoes were too sweet. I ate a bucketful anyway. I put carrots, celery, tomatillos, zucchini, whole tomatoes, black beans, red beans and whatever spicy pepper I have around into my chili, plus garlic, onions and seasonings. It is healthy, but let me tell you, after two bowls and being tired and too much TV, you will not be having sex. It might be worth it if you love chili as much as I do.

2) I am sad that it gets dark so early. It would be a lot cooler if there were bats and other twilight creatures flying around to make things more interesting. Also if I had ever finished the lighting in our apartment.

3) I often respond to the comments you leave me in the comments. Check back if you want to see what I think of your pathetic attempt at wit.

4) Anyone know where I can get charcoal in Manhattan so long after summer?

5) I wish Amtrak weren’t so expensive. I spent a very costly late night coming back to New York on Saturday. It was kind of awesome- in a dimly lit café car that looks a little like McDonalds in the eighties, hot tea, eavesdropping and maybe seeing an semi-famous artist, reading a giant book, and nodding off a little here and there- feelings I remember fondly from childhood, but the cost was insane for the comfort. Anyone want to start a competitive train line? Maybe with a library car, clean toilets and hot conductors? Sleeping compartments that don’t suck? We could have one cross country line, one West Coast Line and one East coast line to start. In fact I would be satisfied with just an East Coast line…

6) I apologize to everyone I owe letters to. It will happen soon, I promise.

7) I miss my brother. He is fading from my mind. I guess that is healthy but it hurts so much, especially when all the people around are talking about the families they are going to visit, their new nieces and nephews.

8) Nephew is a weird word. No, seriously, look at it:


Read any good comics lately?

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moonlight ambulette said...

YES! I feel so powerful. Now, touch your left finger to your nose. Ha! You did it, didn't you!

1)That sounds delish. I made a salad yesterday for T-giving dinner. In the process I stabbed my hand so hard that blood spurted everywhere and then I passed out. Woo!

2)me too



5)me too, and yes, totally

6)me too

7)that's heartbreaking and so so sad and i'm so sorry

8)yeah, it really is. And what's up with "niece"? That word is no joke.