Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Uh oh! A meme! But you and I, not some faceless douchebag in the internets, cobbled this one together and gave it life. Use it yourself if you like. Thanks to Jenine and Mary for their questions.

1) What books do you open for comfort when you've woken up from a nightmare?

When I wake up from a nightmare, less often now, I tend to gravitate towards whatever I am currently reading. I like getting re-caught up in the story that’s on my mind. If I am not reading anything at the moment, I might start right then, either with a new book I know is going to be brain candy, or an old sci-fun book like Quicksilver, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or Norstralia.

2) What are some books that make you laugh inappropriately in public places?

Nothing jumps immediately to mind. I know I laughed out loud at Superfuckers #1 by James Kochlaka, I’m sure I had a giggle or two with Douglas Adams and Nick Hornby in the wayback.

3) What book do you read when you cannot fall asleep for long periods of time?

This is a tough one. I am compelled for some reason when I have insomnia to read big, dense books that can be somewhat boring. This is a bad strategy because I get distracted from the narrative and become re-obsessed with whatever is giving me insomnia in the first place. What works much better are comics compilations like Mome or Kramer’s Ergot and short story collections like McSweeney’s. It makes the brain skip around. The added bonus of McSweeney’s is that you can be blown away by one story and get all huffy and critical on the next.

4) What book would you lend someone upon whom you were crushing?

The thing about giving crushes books is that you want to tell them who you are, and how cool you are simultaneously. Well, that book used to be The Wind-up Bird Chronicles by Haruki Murakami. It is excellent and has a million things going on, plus it is quite long and a good test to see if they like you back. Or maybe Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick, but now Dick is everywhere (!) and I am less defined by my love for creepy scifi. Now, I am not sure. I’ve gotten a lot more possessive about my books. I think I would tell them to get David B.’s Epileptic. It is long, beautiful and sad and emphasizes the unique bond of siblings in a way that I have not really seen before. That’s kinda where I am at now, plus it is a comic! Which makes me hott!

5) What book goes best with burning urination?

Nothing goes better with crotch pain than reading angry, mean writing by 90s post-punk zinesters and faux- NeoNazis. That’s right kids; I’m talking about AnswerMe!, by Jim and Debbie Goad. I had an old compilation of the first three issues that I got a million years ago. In retrospect, it is a difficult book to get behind, but with the lists of 100 best serial killers (with a helpful key of the criminals defining characteristics for easy identification) and 100 best suicides and bite-sized articles spewing rage (maybe real rage, maybe not), it is the perfect companion to a day spent on the toilet, cursing the day you were born.

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