Thursday, August 03, 2006

Make Mine a Big One

I am back from a short, hot vacation to Chicagoland. What I saw of it was neat, and I’m sure what I didn’t see was even better. I went to Quimby’s and bought some comics, as well as the Summer 2006 issue of The First Line. I even fucked up their bathroom twice with no comment but an eyebrow raise from the cashier. Now that’s customer service.

While there I had lunch with my father’s friend. He is very sweet and funny and his wife is a librarian. He told me to go for it. (For those of you not in the know, I have been toying with the idea of getting an MLS for a year or so now, but I am kind of chicken). I love a man who loves librarians.

I didn’t finish Antic Hay and I didn’t even touch Robinson. I ended up reading magazines and the story Wild Child by T.C. Boyle from the last McSweeney’s. It was set in France in the 18th century and tells the tale of a “savage” boy found in the forest who is made an experiment by a group of teachers/scientists at a deaf mute school. It was okay, but I waned to know more about the last teacher beyond just a sketch of his motivations and frustrations.

In other fantastic news:

While I was away and email-less I got a message from Lauren Weinstein about my review of Vineyland. It was very cool of her to write me. Thanks Lauren! I now need to run out and but her newest, Girl Stories, and so do you.

Check out my story of a love song ruined at Ruined Music. Mary is one of the editors and she is the nice lady who told me about Freebird and writes me long emails even when she is moving.

More retro-reviews soon.

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moonlight ambulette said...

i have a secret wish to become a librarian.

please do it, so i can read blog posts about it!