Sunday, June 18, 2006

book 24: My Uncle Oswald by Roald Dahl

This is going to be short, like My Uncle Oswald, and sweet, unlike My Uncle Oswald.

Much ahs been made of Roald Dahl’s adult stories, and this is, by plot alone, the most adult of his fictions. The book focuses on the sexual and financial romps of Oswald, as written in his immense diaries. With Oswald, the sexual and the financial are often linked.

What could have been a tongue-in-cheek (maybe even ass cheek) romp through times past, and an exercise in riding euphemisms to climax, ended up being a boring, repetitive, and weak satire of your grandfather’s dirty book.

Skip it and read the stories of Kiss Kiss instead.

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moonlight ambulette said...

hey -- saw your comment -- thanks! i am enjoying 'on beauty,' yes. it is erudite in a very friendly way. like it makes me feel all smart and stuff, but isn't as hard as reading plato or some business. i like the things scarry says about beauty and art. i haven't digested enough of it to comment any more intelligently, but i will keep in touch!