Friday, September 20, 2013


Once upon a time / two planets fell out of love: Yumi Sakugawa's The Rumpus comic is boss, as usual.


E. Lily Yu's short story "Loss, With Chalk Diagrams," read by Eleiece Kraweic, over on Escape Pod was a good exploration of old friendship and grief. It also covers the final demise of the U.S. Post Office, highlighting what we can draw from that 6x per week delivery that we can't get anywhere else.


Writing cards and letters today, tying up loose ends, signing papers and that sort of thing. Life's busywork, I guess. What are you doing?


Sarah said...

I am reading a crappy-ish fantasy novel, watching a spider walk across the window pane, avoiding grading papers, trying to decide where to put my next tattoo....Busy work, indeed.

Carrie said...

Sounds nice--except for the grading papers bit.

I am reading again, a novel that might be a mystery, which makes this week much better than last.