Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dottie the foster dog!

After the nightmare of medical Switzerland, I decided that it might be nice to foster a dog again.  Luckily I discovered that a bunch of the dogs in the ACC have videos made for them that you can access through Urgent Pets on Death Row and Facebook. I am a sucker for spotted ears, and after seeing this girl's love of playing ball, I had to see if she was still available.

Meet Dottie! Dottie is a 3 year-old pit mix with an unusual spotted coat and beautiful golden eyes. At 51 lbs., she's a great size. She loves toys, playing ball, sniffing and exploring. She likes to be near us at all times, but not right on top of us, unlike our last foster. She doesn't seem to have any separation anxiety either, which is great for those that don't work at home.

Right now she has mild kennel cough, so she can't meet 'n' greet other doggie friends, but she seems interested.

Here is her listing on Sugar Mutts, the rescue that pulled her from the ACC for us.
Here is the video that won my heart.

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Sara Corbett said...

I loooooooove her!