Thursday, May 30, 2013

Booking in Basel

I scrambled to pack for this weird trip to Basel. I am accompanying my father for a cancer treatment, watching him, nursing him, etc. What a time to read, right?

I struggled to bring books that were both absorbing and light, in both senses. I ended up with:
 The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter
Honored Guest by Joy Williams
The Skating Rink by Robert Bolano
Twin Time or How Death Befell Me by Veronica Gonzalez
Conjunctions 59: Colloquy (much less depressing than Conjunctions 60: In Absentia)

So far The Bloody Chamber was an, um, unfortunate choice. Angela Carter's psychosexual fairy tales might be great for a rainy night with a lover or enemy, but they are not so great for long nights spent in bed with your ailing Dad. Honored Guest is better so far, projecting a sense of strangeness, unease and hope that better suits my circumstances.

As for comics, the Cartoonmuseum Basel is closed for the time I am here. Boo. Anyone have tips for comics satisfaction in this town?


Amanda said...

Ohhhh! Even though the reason you're there is rough and sad, it's exciting to visit an unexpected place. As for your books...well, I don't know that Bolano has ever been described as light, and I suspect neither has any of those other titles.

But in the face of something ultra-heavy like one of those books, maybe the details of your trip will seem easier.

Wishing you all the best, ladyfriend.

Carrie said...

Yeah, I know! I am not sure how I ended up with these choices! I didn't do a ton of preparation and I guess this is what I had on hand.

Thanks for your well wishes!

Sarah said...

Hoping you and your dad are both doing well.
Hoping you find some books that are distracting and enjoyable!