Thursday, April 25, 2013

MoCCA 2013

Due to everything else you read about on this blog,  I was really thinking of skipping MoCCA this year. I did skip Saturday--a very good idea considering how much life stuff I got done.

On Friday I hit up the hic + hoc party here in my neighborhood. I thrust B at Matt Moses and got the hard sell on Tumblr from Alabaster. I picked up the Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends: A Collection of Unsolved Mysteries anthology, edited by Emi Gennis, and then sat at the bar trying to tell B who people were in an unintelligible undertone.

Hot foot
On Sunday I put on my walking shoes, grabbed my camera and made my way to Murray Hill. The entry was still $15 for the day and still too expensive. The $5 for the show's brochure was laughable. I busted a chuckle when the poor MoCCA volunteer let me in on that great deal!

After I completely lost my shit over the OMG CURTAINS, like any sane person would, I noticed that the armory was not too crowded. I tend to list like a sinking ship when I am in crowds so this airiness allowed me to bump into many fewer people than normal. I didn't hear a ton of bitching about it being a "bad MoCCA" or anything; many books sold out before my eyes from big publishers and one-man-bands alike. Since cartoonists love to bitch, I am going to take this as a good sign.

As usual, I missed all panels. Sadly, good intentions rarely trump oversleeping and general reluctance to force a smile. One of these days! Was that even worth saying? Well, no, not really, but I already typed it and this needs to get out before next year's MoCCA.

The back of the space was set up as a mini-gallery of the Society's collection (formerly the Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art's holdings?). I loved the interaction between old newspaper work and new stuff. I was psyched as usual to see Eleanor Davis's work, originals from In Our Eden. Some other standouts for me were Nora Krug, Adam McCauley, Miriam Katin (who Robin interviewed at inkstuds recently) and Natalya Balnova, whose work reminded me of Wendy MacNaughton's illustration.

The schools were out in full force. There was a ton of amazing student work available from usual suspects SVA and CCS as well as some surprises, like Kutztown University.  I was especially intrigued by SAW's table. They ran out of the awesome-looking student anthology, but I did pick up a 3-part mini by visiting instructor Ron Rege because I was told it was about grief.

And now on to the only part that anyone cares about: The pictures! Help me fill in the blanks.
Intrepid concession workers
Happy crew: Pat Barrett, Aaron Cockle and L. Nichols
Every year I take a picture of Three-Armed Squid and every year I miss a member. Pictured here: Estrella Vega, Alden Viguilla and Alexandra Beguez
Guest of honor Jillian Tamaki
Happy crew member Darryl Ayo says Hi!
Whit Taylor likes plants and doesn't deserve this horrible photo
CCS-er Amelia Onorato sells selkie stories
Greg Means says he can find pictures of my face on the internet. He means it!
Nikki Desautelle. I wish I had picked up more here!
Award-winner Kenan Rubenstein and Neil Brideau battle comics ennui
Gabrielle Bell choosing not to hide while doing a sketch for me.
Mark Delboy sold me Pizza & Sex but I didn't tip
Sabrina Elliott, Jensine Eckwall and Dilek Baykara present a united front

Yao XiaoJudith Kim and Judy Wong(?) are consummate saleswomen
Ran out of money then ran into Katz Sisters and Andrea Tsurumi. Bad timing.

My haul
My tip top item: This letterpress print by Nikki Desautelle
So what was your pick from the show?

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