Wednesday, October 05, 2011

things about mail

### Yesterday was a bullshit day of no mail, just junk. Get on it people! If you are not writing me then at least write someone else.

### Two days ago was a good mail day. I got the last two issues of Papercutter sent to me by publisher Greg Means himself. Included with the issues was a nice note from Greg which simply said that he liked my blog and tweeting. I'm sure he didn't know this, but I've been feeling like tweeting is a monster waste of wrist strength and that blogging is better than that, but not when I do it. So so so, Greg's note made me feel great and do some reconsidering of why I do all this typing into the ether.

### Here is something that will make the mail better for you: Get all your catalogs and terrible junk mail, build up some righteous anger, take an hour and methodically call all of the companies that send it and tell them to remove you from their lists. Soon you will get much less crap and a real letter will be easier to spot. This does not work for bills, sorry.


Kelly said...

May I heartily recommend The make it easy peasy.

kenan said...

Greg is always telling me to be faster at comics. And while I've obviously never taken that advice, I can say honestly it is one of the reasons I haven't given up entirely. Because that dude knows what he's talking about.

Which is to say, I agree, blog more. And I agree extra, because I'm in agreement with Greg Means, which makes me think I must be right.

Carrie said...

Kelly, I like to do all of my "please remove from list" activities in person.

Kenan, Greg is right. Make more comics.