Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Right now I am working on a zine for SPX. As far as I know it will contain no comics, but maybe that will change. I have several ideas in various stages of completion, none of which I am too happy with. Mostly this is about unhappiness. The problem is not only that SPX is so close, it’s that I don’t want to write this stuff. I don’t want to put myself anywhere near the still-howling chasm of my grief. This past week has already held too many snot storms and lingering illnesses.

Still, I am forcing myself to carry on with the work and complaining only to you, my internet.

How do you deal with writing things that are personally hazardous?


Being sickie sick sick has made me crave giant books. I ventured to Unnameable with B to feed my fever and picked up The Scar by China Mielville and Lorrie Moore’s The Gate at the Stairs. Browsing was shockingly unpleasant so we left shortly after purchase, but there were so many things I wanted to look at. Sigh. The Scar is the escapist treat I expected, with fewer frantic world-building tics than Perdido Street Station and the Iron Council and more talk of pirate libraries. The prim but observant main character’s perspective is great, especially for one in such a dulled state as I.


Sarah said...

I tend to avoid writing about the most difficult things which is why I have a drawer full of un-edited paragraphs and pages about all kinds of sad and ugly things.

I am sure your zine will be fabulous. I have always wanted to do one myself...

Carrie said...

Thanks Sarah. I had to dive into one of those drawers for this project. But now I have a little more time that I will use to edit some new writing as well.

I am more fearful than I thought I'd be about making this thing. It's interesting fodder for navel gazing.

LOOKA said...

I wanna see this zine. Even if only availible in fractions and not printed out. SEND IT TO ME! DIGITAL

Yacub said...

yo Carrie, it's been a while. If you ever make this zine please send me a copy. I would like to read it. I will trade you for something

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135 S. Van Ness ave
Los Angeles, CA