Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Still working to churn out the 2007 reviews for you. In the meantime, I have been reading magazines, thinking about numbers, dreading the GREs (just a little) and making various soups, stews and breads to make up for the fact my apartment's radiators are broken.

Also, over at Topic, there is an excellent essay by Amy Shearn.


Amanda said...

GRE test hmmm? You are a smarty! I am grimly uneducated...and thankful I live in Canada so that if I ever decide to get me a learnin', I can just pony up the tuition and off I go. I guess it's much like the way that if I chop my arm off, I can just walk on into the hospital and get it stuck back on, no questions asked.

When is test day?

moonlight ambulette said...

Aw, shucks, thanks for the nice words, nice lady. Also, GREs! Woo! They are fun. Like the SATs, only funner. Wait, practice here: