Thursday, September 14, 2006

Today and tomorrow (and yesterday) I need to finish a boring project for a nice, helpful guy who is awesome. Even so, it is burning my brain and vocal chords and ears to do so much calling of busy folks. So, here I am, in my new place, using a disgusting old door for a desk and drinking a Coke.

My mother called me today and asked me what I was reading. For once, I had nothing to say. I am re-reading some stuff for bookslut and directions on sandpaper. Do bank statements count? I don't think my mom was impressed. We also talked about how much we hate baby showers, especially for relatives. I told her that she need not provide a detailed excuse for not going (she has a good reason beyond just being a misanthrope), and if they don't get it, then they are assholes.

I need some new books to read. Maybe I should force myself to write up some of those sidebar items before I can indulge in novel-ty. Any suggestions? I want something gripping and weird, but not gross for now. And for my birthday- what? It's coming up- I want a shitload of comics and sci-fi. No more books about New Yorkers please! Unless they are in space, underground or undead.


I am flirting with a new book group but I really don't feel like reading their current selection. No Leonard Cohen right now. I guess he could qualify as undead, but even so...

Write me some comments for distraction. Any book suggestions? Has anyone read Apex Hides the Hurt by Colson Whitehead? What did you think?


ctheokas said...

Gripping and weird, but not gross... hmm. Something by Alfred Bester, maybe (like The Demolished Man)? Or Bulgakov (like Heart of a Dog)? Or Stanislaw Lem (I forget if you said you didn't like him or not)? They're weird, but they're not gross. And there are no New Yorkers in any of them.

Chris from WebMD

Carrie said...

Thanks Chris!

I like Lem and I have been meaning to read some Bester.

How's tricks?