Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hi all

I am backdeded up with reading ans, more obviously, writing. I blame working. I love the money, I love the endless free tea and toilet paper, but I miss you all. The books I've been reading recently have been pretty good and I will tell you about them soon.

In the meantime, here is a partial list of things that are on my desk at home:

- a broken bicycle bell
- small Fiskars
- Lonely Planet Spain 2003
- Letters that need responses
- my parents' wedding photograph, reminding me how much better life looks in pictures
- matches
- erasers
- a green silk hankerchief
- a freecycled VHS copy of 'Downtown 81'
- a small basket of bobby pins and hair bands

On my desk at work:

- crumbs
- empty tissue box
- various training manuals
- half full Temple University water bottle
- smudgy fingerprints

What's on your desk?


Doppelganger said...

I don't have a desk, per se, but here's everything that's within an arm's length of where I'm sitting with my laptop:

:: cordless phone
:: baby monitor
:: used Kleenex
:: unused Kleenex
:: Baby Einstein VHS tape
:: notepad
:: frog puppet
:: satellite radio
:: giant banana-flavoured gummy slug, still in packaging
:: cheap ballpoint pen
:: hot pink Post-Its
:: one old-skool wooden block, with the letters Y and L on it

mary said...

on the desk:

-printer, piled w/misc. books, magazines, box of kleenex

-wire stacking shelves piled w/ oh my god there is so much junk. let's see...
*walden (paperback)
*computer manual
*nypl copy card, reg. card, access research card
*bobst library copy card
*quantify zine (#6)
*2004 tax returns
*two small china dishes w/pennies
*maine pine pillow
*rosebud salve
*gym schedule, not that I have gone to an exercise class anytime in the past 3 months
*dinner menu from salt lick bbq in austin
*morass of student loan paperwork
*phone charger
*postcard from kentucky
*"remember, there is no charge for using the alphabet" post-its
*my crappy business cards
*note paper: "stolen from the maine state prison"
*east village inky zine (#29)
*valentine's day card from the boyfriend
*anniversary card from same
*a small lapel pin from the chaplin, saskatchewan bird sanctuary

-hello kitty mug (empty)
-tape recorder w/tape that I need to transcribe circa yesterday
-cell phone
-book to review
-notebook w/notes
-three pens
-one pencil (automatic)
-tiny gold buddha with arms waving in the air
-tiny sand garden w/three mini pebbles
-wind-up hopping monkey
-three lucky bamboo in a glass jar with black stones
-the complete mountain goats song-catalog on 3 compact disks
-glass of water

and over my desk:
-an inflatable moose head and a photograph of a palm tree

well, you asked...

Matt said...

-various parenting magazines

-Books: Dubliners, Unveiling the Edge of Time, Exile and the Kingdom, The Short Stories of Dostoevsky, Teach Yourself DHTML

-Press releases: Paramount Pictures Summer Preview, SleepCareCenter, Other Crap

-Various bottles (non-alcholic--it is work)


-phone with a blinking red light

-radio (never used)

-I'm also surrounded by maps

-Computer (open appplications: FrontPage, Acess [I hate Databases!], Word, GoldMine)

-stacks of paper about events i'll never go to

I am alos surrounded by about 20-50 toys--they just keep sending them to me.

Carrie said...

Doppelganger- oooh, frog puppet.

Mary- I have quantify #6 too, but it is in the bathroom.

Matt- answer your phone.